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Content Specialist (Singapore)

I've always had a passion for the arts. I studied New Media, specialising in Art and Design, and that was where I discovered my passion for copywriting. I indulge in music a lot. I enjoy listening to all types of music from 90s rap acts, electronic, hardore, punk rock, to indie pop/rock and many more. My favourite genre, though, has to be Alternative Country and Folk. My favourite acts are WIlco, The Loose Salute, Cursive, Voxtrot and Neko Case. I also write my own songs, but I suffer from crippling stage fright, which means my songs will never get to see the light of day—which is rather unfortunate because my dream has always been to busk! Apart from music, I enjoy spending ridiculous amounts of time trolling people and causing a lot of grief in online games and also reading a lot of comic books.

I first started out in the alcohol industry, as a graphic designer in a small wine firm, and then as a one-man department in a small boutique spirits distribution business, where I managed events and did a bit of marketing on top of graphic designing. It was an enjoyable time, and the alcohol industry is a fun place to be in, obviously. I learned not to be afraid of exploring new horizons and of jumping into things head-first. But alas, passion calls and I eventually decided to pursue writing as a profession. I did a short stint in an accounts executive role and a bit of copywriting in a boutique ad agency, before I finally joined ShopBack, first as a writer and then the current role I am in now.

Why did I join ShopBack? Mister Henry himself—he intimidated me into joining. Haha, kidding! Actually, it was more awe than intimidation. In the short interview we had, he seemed like someone who is sure of himself and the company. We all need someone in the company who’s like that, so that's a good start. That's already one foot in the door. As for what got the other foot in was the fact that ShopBack's model is quite interesting and way ahead of its time for the region - to me it was an opportunity to be a part of something big!

As a content specialist, I curate and manage internal and external content for ShopBack. This includes content generated in-house and also on external channels such as guides and highlights. The aim is to get the word out to educate people about ShopBack and also help make the consumer's’ shopping experience simpler. I recently did a tutorial on tips for shopping on Taobao, and that posed quite a challenge for me because Taobao operates solely in the Chinese language—which also explains my lack of experience shopping at Taobao. But that is fine because in ShopBack, I have access to a wealth of experience in my many Chinese language-speaking colleagues. I had our in-house Taobao expert, Lum, chip in with some amazing tips while our friendly intern Hwee helped me out with translation issues.

If I find passion in something, I don’t mind going the extra mile for it. I also look for a place where the I can forge long term associations, and ultimately, friends. People play a huge part because they’re the ones you see every day and being around people you love to be around with—fun, energetic, dynamic, upbeat people—makes striving for a common goal much easier. ShopBack is a young company, and I don't mean in terms of how long it has been in operation, but the energy, vibrancy and exuberance of the people here! Here I get to know and forge friendships with people whom I never thought I would be able to. Actually, the most memorable experiences come after hours. As co-founder of ShopBack's Official Drinking Club, I'm one for partying hard and most outings are memorable...if you know what I mean. ;)

ShopBack has made me realize the importance of grit. If you happen to drop by our office after hours, you will bear witness to the grit that is present in abundance from the number of people still anchored to their seats hard at work. It is this grit that has made ShopBack into what it is today. Grit is also what has helped us constantly develop - the ability to dust ourselves off after experiencing failure and then learning from it. ShopBack is like one big never-ending A/B testing fueled by grit...and ramen!

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