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Head of Partnerships (Indonesia)

I studied Biotechnology at Atma Jaya Catholic University, which looks a little irrelevant to my job now but I like it! It trained my analytical and presentation skills and I read lots of literature. A competitive situation makes me really motivated - I could stay up till 3am to finish all my tasks and start my class at 7am in the morning. My first job was with the U.S. Embassy's cultural project in Indonesia called @america. I also started my own online clothing business, where I did everything from promotion strategies and social media to handling customers queries. Then, to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone, I joined Zalora Indonesia, where I worked for almost 2.5 years in a Partnership role. I love sports and outdoor activities, traveling, and shopping (I can’t stand seeing SALE or DISCOUNTS)!

My main role in ShopBack today is to create partnerships with banks, telecommunication companies, FMCGs, and other brands to acquire new customers for ShopBack. I’m also in charge of merchant acquisition, which involves bringing on board new merchants and helping them to grow their business through ShopBack. It’s a very interesting role as it sharpens your interpersonal and communication skills, creative thinking, and negotiation skills. As ShopBack is still a new concept to many, educating partners and customers about ShopBack is challenging but fun. Also, the fast paced environment requires us to work fast. Communication and coordination between each other is important!

I joined ShopBack because I believe in the future of ShopBack in Indonesia. The eCommerce industry is growing rapidly in Indonesia and Indonesians love shopping and discounts! Furthermore, this was a great opportunity to grow my career. I want to learn new things and to develop my skills, and having worked in an eCommerce business before, ShopBack is interesting as I’m now working on the other side - affiliate marketing. Also, I get to greatly increase my networks because at ShopBack we work with multiple industries spanning eCommerce, FMCG, telcos, banks, and other brands. On top of partnership matters, I’ve also been involved in lots of initiatives, such as campaigns and digital marketing. I love the challenge of growing with this startup and I want to see my “baby” grow up!

The culture at ShopBack Indonesia? It’s FAST FAST FAST!! The team work is amazing. Work can get very intense at times, such as the two weeks leading up to the 9/9 campaign this year. We were all very stressed, and yet we were still enjoying the moment - we’d make fun of each other to ease the stress, and on 9 Sep itself, we stayed late to help each other out even though the work was not part of our roles. And when we saw the results - a huge traffic uplift and positive customer response - we felt so happy and excited! Every day is fun and we feel like we’re building ShopBack together. The never-ending snacks are great too :P

After joining ShopBack, I’ve realised that there are so many things that we can do at ShopBack, so everywhere I go, I always look for opportunities and ideas that we can replicate for ShopBack. Working in ShopBack has also increased my knowledge of the eCommerce industry in general. I realize that there are so many things I still have to learn, and I never feel satisfied.

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