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Campaigns Manager (Malaysia)

I love going to music festivals, enjoy playing poker, and travelling. I have endless love for Rilakkuma!

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Marketing and Banking & Finance at Monash University. Fresh out of university, I stumbled across an opportunity in e-commerce business, one of Rocket Internet’s ventures—Easy Taxi. The company just started and I was wearing many hats—handling marketing, operations and customer service at the same time. Then was when I knew that I truly enjoy working in a startup company. Later I moved on to foodpanda, where I was more focused on social media, campaign planning, and partnerships.

I joined ShopBack in November 2015 and have worked here for about a year now. I joined ShopBack because I identified with the values of the co-founder—to build a place where users make smarter buying decisions. I look for two things in my career: first, the opportunity to grow with the company; second, a great leader/mentor. I feel that ShopBack has helped me grow as a person, I make better decisions and I look up to my co-founders. They are people I go to whenever I need great advice.

As the campaigns manager, I plan, execute and manage marketing campaigns. I’m also responsible for user acquisition & retention. Providing the most engaging content to users and learning about each market segment is a challenge to me. The e-commerce industry is ever-changing – this is why we learn fast, adapt fast. The team is like a family—we need each other to work towards a common goal. In Malaysia we have a small team; each of us holds an important role, and we are dependent on one another. Therefore, we hold team discussions often to keep one another updated. Outside work, we hang out often over drinks during the weekend. We have team lunch every Friday.

At Shopback we’re young, aggressive and we push ourselves to the limits. I think that the results are all worth it when you give your best. We set higher targets every month—it’s a real challenge to be able to hit our monthly targets. We learn from our mistakes along the way and do better the next time. The most memorable moment at ShopBack for me so far was during our 1st anniversary—both my bosses were working with me till 4AM on a Sunday night to make sure that the campaign is a success. For our anniversary campaign, we managed to secure at least 20 exclusive merchant deals, and ran 100% Cashback (in other words, items were completely free). And the campaign was indeed a success! On our anniversary, our orders uplift was 3X of a normal day.

Words I live by: Stay hungry, stay foolish. At ShopBack, I learn to challenge myself daily. I want to learn something new everyday. I set small goals that lead to big goals in my life.

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