I graduated from Singapore Management University with a Double Degree in Accountancy and Business Management. Upon graduation, I worked for two years in UOB first as a Management Associate and then settled in Private Banking. Thereafter I made a 180 degree change to ZALORA helming Campaigns (for almost a year) before joining ShopBack. Being in ZALORA made me realise that eCommerce was an exciting space that I wanted to remain in, and that Banking wasn’t my area of passion. So it was a really good switch in industries that I’m glad I made early on in my career.

I love travelling, thrilling activities, sports and SHOPPING! After speaking to one of the co-founders, Henry, about the opportunity to join ShopBack, I saw the huge potential for the business in SEA. The concept was simple but so novel in this part of the world, I mean, more savings for online shopping - who’d say no to that? I eventually chose to join ShopBack as I believed in the product as an avid online shopper myself, and felt that I could make a huge impact and learn loads as well. Henry and Joel also seemed to have a good sense of what to do, and their drive and passion for ShopBack was infectious. So at 26, I took a leap of faith and decided to join them in this thrilling journey to build a community of smarter shoppers. I was both nervous and excited as I made this decision, one of the biggest decisions in my life!

In my career I look for the opportunity to constantly learn and the ability to make a huge impact, both in business and also to other people. It’s important to me that I have a sense of fulfilment and love coming to work every day. ShopBack gave me just that. From day one, I was tasked with many responsibilities, from building the Marketing arm to leading growth for one of ShopBack’s newer markets in the Philippines. Every day is a challenge, working with a dedicated team to think of and execute new ways to bring ShopBack to more people here. And it’s really cool that you can see your labour bearing fruit in the increasing number of new customers we manage to introduce ShopBack to, and the new partners we bring on board.

ShopBack is made up of driven individuals who really want to be movers and shakers in the eCommerce space. There’s huge empowerment and ownership given to each person. Personally, I felt fully empowered the day I joined, being fully-entrusted with certain roles and responsibilities, even in areas where I wasn’t an expert in. Similarly, this has translated into the way I work with my team, giving each individual key areas of responsibility that they’re fully accountable for. Of course, guidance would be given along the way, but ultimately each person has full control to initiate and try things out, and are poised to contribute significantly to the company, whichever role they may be in.

My time at ShopBack has definitely trained me to be tougher in so many ways, from delivering results to constant travelling to managing people. It has helped me to see how a group of incredibly driven people aligned in delivering one goal of being number 1 in helping people shop smarter can produce such amazing results in a mere 4 years, and it makes me so proud to be part of this team!

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