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Head of Creative Design (Indonesia)

I’m simply an art junkie. Addicted to all classic stuff like leather stuff, rugged boots, 70’s Rock n’ Roll, and custom motorcycles.

I am a self-taught creative designer. After finishing high school in 2008, I jumped into my first job as a graphic designer, because I couldn’t afford college at that time. Taking risks and learning fast have been my “self-culture” since then. I’ve worked in various creative fields on various businesses, ranging from a conventional wedding vendor to digital startups. The startup scene really got me excited. The fast-changing environment made me want to expand my skills, grow my creative thinking, deliver good designs, and reshape myself. That led me to take a working class in the Communication fields at the ITKP School of Advertising.

Combining my strengths in Creative & Communication, I decided to join ShopBack. From the first time I saw ShopBack, I could see the future -- ShopBack is really a game-changer in the eCommerce industry, it takes online shopping into the next level. I believe ShopBack will be the next big thing in Asia.

And I didn’t want to miss the chance. I wanted to be part of it.

When I first joined in March 2015, ShopBack Indonesia just started. We worked from an apartment, and it was a team of only 10 people. I really love the culture of ShopBack, because it’s the flattest organization structure I’ve ever seen. Nobody instructs each other, they mentor. We have a really good time! We’re always brainstorming for new ideas to gain market share. And that’s what I love, the “don’t be afraid to try” spirit. We take risks and do whatever we want. If it works, we improve on it. If it doesn’t work, we evaluate.

As the Head of Creative Design, on a daily basis, I create all the creative assets in ShopBack Indonesia, including website banners, partnership vouchers, and company branding. I also work on some creative projects, like television commercials and PR projects, and I’m currently developing a video production for ShopBack’s Youtube channels.

In just 6 months, we have grown so fast. Now, ShopBack Indonesia is located in a very cool and homey office in Slipicon Valley in Slipi, West Jakarta, an area that’s known for the hot startups that have offices here (Tokopedia, Traveloka, Shopee, etc). In the office we have ping pong, mini pool, foosball, darts, and even a sandbag to punch if you’re mad at a competitor. Now we have more than 20 people. It’s a small team, believe me, but they are more than just coworkers. They’re family. I spend nights and days with them, hang out with them, and sometimes get haunted by them.

A ShopBack value that truly speaks to me is "Can't Is Not An Option". In ShopBack, I know the true meaning of never give up. Can't Is Not An Option here. We face our problems, not run away from them. We always try to find solution for our customers' problem. We push our limit, beyond our imagination. We cross the line here and there. Guidelines are set but we break them in the next day, in a good way. We keep improving, fast.

ShopBack really takes my life to another level. We’re going to change the world. That always makes me excited to get up every morning.

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