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Marketing & Merchant Relations Manager (Indonesia)

Why ShopBack:

As the first hire of ShopBack Indonesia, I was given the rare opportunity to be involved in all aspects of e-Commerce industry: marketing, merchant development & relations, operations, human resources, even customer service!

The interview with the leaders was really intense (the interview took 4 hours on Friday night and they asked if I could start immediately the next Monday! Talk about lightning speed here), but their burning passion and hustle in building a homegrown start-up loved by merchants and shoppers were the ultimate reason why I finally decided to join ShopBack.


What it's like in ShopBack Indonesia:
Culture affects our hiring process greatly. We want to ensure an A-team who is a culture fit to the company. One defining characteristic of the team is speed – we even have nicknames for everybody to reflect that: Indra “Last Minute” Yonathan, Kelly “ASAP” Sarwono, and mine is Inge “Urgent” Kosasih. We could even plan and execute a full-fledged ShopBack Ambassador Program in mere hours, thanks to the team’s spontaneous ideas. Though admittedly it can be stressful at times, the sense of urgency really injects adrenaline and excitement to work!

What I like the most about working here at ShopBack the sense of ownership for everything that we do. It feels super empowering to be given so much responsibility and flexibility to come up with new initiatives. Fun-loving and awesome colleagues are a plus too. Work here does not feel like work if you love what you do and are surrounded by driven, like-minded individuals (:

My most memorable memory in ShopBack:
Shuttling between Singapore and Indonesia with Henry (co-founder) and Jay (ex-intern) to set up Indonesia business. We clocked in crazy hours (70-75 working hours on weekdays) fueled with caffeine and sleep deprivation. But despite that, I had so much fun learning about the market alongside these two.

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