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Product Manager (Singapore)

I grew up in Hanoi, Vietnam, and did my undergraduate studies at the National University of Singapore, where I majored in Communications and New Media. ShopBack is my first job. I came across ShopBack when I was looking for a job and after talking to Henry and Joel, the co-founders, I was sold because of their determination and experience. And I was sure that I would learn a lot from them.

When I first joined in September 2014, I couldn't expect much because we hadn't started anything yet— even the website wasn't launched! Since then, I’ve had the chance to take on multiple roles spanning partnerships, online advertising, and now project management. In my first role, my job was to reach out to and work with partners such as banks and schools to promote ShopBack through their networks. Then I moved on to do online advertising, which involved working with a budget to promote ShopBack via paid marketing channels. Now, I am a product manager. I work with internal stakeholders, such as the marketing and partnerships teams, alongside the engineering team to develop the product. I’m grateful to Henry, Joel, and Justin who were willing to offer me new opportunities at each point to make sure that I’m always challenged at work. The learning curve when I start on each role is always steep, and I get to learn and grow with each new role I take on.

The one thing I look for in a career is the chance to work with a good mentor and leader - someone who can teach you and inspire you. And it turned out that everyone in ShopBack is a mentor/teacher to me—I’ve learnt a lot from everyone here. Some examples: I’ve learnt about coding from the tech team, and excel from the data team. As a product manager, I need to understand tech and the engineering team has been very helpful in explaining things to me. In the course of my work, I also get the chance to understand more about what everyone else does—how the marketing team does their job, what they hope to achieve, etc. My job involves a lot of talking to everyone in ShopBack to understand their role and objectives, so that we can build a product that meets their needs.

ShopBack is an awesome place with people who love to crack challenges. We set higher and higher targets for ourselves every day. ShopBack taught me how to fail fast and learn fast, and to learn from data. The team is close and we enjoy hanging out with each other. For a period of time, we even had “Shopcations” in our office! Someone had the idea of having staycations in the office - so on Thursday nights we’d work till late, and then project movies on a screen in front of our sofa. At one point we even had a “campfire” by projecting a campfire on the screen!

When I talk to my friends, I realise that many of them like to separate work and life. But after working at ShopBack, I never have an idea of separating life and work. Even though we spend a lot of time at work, I enjoy it as I’m always learning. I believe it’s a matter of prioritising—if some work needs to be done over the weekend, I’ll prioritise that over other things. But if I have an activity that’s important to me, I’ll prioritise that over work on a weekday night too.

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