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Engineering Manager (Singapore)

I'm a tech geek, meat-lover, and movie worm. Addicted to burgers and also bubble tea since I moved to Singapore!

In my work, I want to use technology to solve problems. I studied Computer Engineering and graduated with a Master's Degree with honors in 2007 at University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain. Since then, I've spent 10+ years in different countries and environments, spanning consulting companies (such an experience in terms of working under pressure and getting things done), the public/academic sector, where I learnt a lot about distributed and high performance computing, and CERN in Switzerland, where I spent 5 exceptional years mostly working on a conference management web platform.

After fulfilling my dreams of working at CERN, I decided to relocate to Singapore 2 years ago because of LOVE. I was dating my wife then and decided to relocate to Southeast Asia. Looking at the job prospects, convenience, and weather, I thought Singapore was (and it is) the best option for an expat to start a new journey and a family. I worked at two companies in Singapore before joining ShopBack - first at That Green Space, a property management software startup, and then at Redmart’s Warehouse Tools Team. I chose to join ShopBack after I started talking to Bryan (CTO) and Henry (CEO), and learnt what they wanted to achieve. What drew me to the company was the energy they have, and their vision of creating a smarter way to shop. I saw that they will not stop until they get there, and I wanted to be a part of it.

Today I do many different things at ShopBack. Currently, I play the Engineering Manager role and also Software Engineer whenever needed. Our challenge is to keep everybody focused. Everybody wants to do lots of cool stuff - the business always wants more and more features - it’s about listening, communicating and focusing on what is really important for ShopBack and the ShopBackers. From a technical point of view, as we grow in customers and keep expanding to different markets, we must architect the system in a way that can scale up to dozens of countries with a single click. My objective as an Engineering Manager is to be able to bring the entire Engineering Team to Bali for a month-long vacation, and ShopBack will still continue running without us. I would say that the biggest challenge for us is finding the right people for the Engineering Team. It is not easy to find energetic people, people who are willing to work with impact and with the correct mindset - that we’re on the same boat. But I am happy, I love what I do all the time and I try to improve along with my peers everyday.

At ShopBack, everybody has a loooot of energy and the willingness to kill it. Everybody wants to be part of this great journey and will help on whatever you need. I think the culture is one of the best assets of Shopback. Everybody is happy and smiling, and that says a lot of a company. My most memorable experiences? At ShopBack’s 2nd birthday party this 9 September, we showered Justin (Chief Product Officer) and Bryan (Chief Technology Officer) with champagne and threw a cake to their faces. Memorable huh? Also, at one of our monthly townhalls, I just said F*** off to our CEO. And I’m still working here, so I think he doesn’t dislike me :P

Joining ShopBack has impacted my career and my life in a good way - I’m making new friends, we feel that what we do is important, and I’m more and more involved on the startup scene.

The most important asset of ShopBack is our people. They are the key to our success!


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